Undressed in Silk…

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Let’s talk about silk – Weightless, soft and luxurious.
At Harmur we love the feeling of silk. The feeling it has on the skin, and the feeling we have when wearing it. It’s the ultimate luxury. Our tops are either made entirely of sand washed silk, or lined in it, so that your skin is caressed with the most beautiful texture.
The silk that makes each of our tops unique is sand washed silk. This is basically silk that has a different texture to the usual, shinier silk you may be more familiar with. Sand washed silk is much more velvety, almost suede like in finish. It feels super soft and drapes beautifully. It’s a more matt like sheen that ups the luxe factor and nails understated femininity.
We like to say that Harmur tops give you the feeling of being undressed in silk. 
Using sand washed silk means that every batch we buy can be slightly different. We love this, because it means that each Harmur top is entirely unique; nobody will ever have the same item as you. All of our colours are unique (you have no idea how long it took us to get that Dusty Sapphire just right)
It truly is unlike any other material, and we are lucky to be able to say that our Classic Collection is entirely crafted of this fabric, by our team of amazing female Harmur seamstresses, in house at the Harmur studio.