Redefining 'Low-Cut'…

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At Harmur, we want to make women feel sexy, empowered and beautiful. We’re all about feeling sexy and yourself, without having to abide to the obvious sexy rules…
International Women’s Day, which was celebrated across the globe recently, has brought to light the power and brilliance of females across time. We are always inspired by women who own their sexy and enjoy their femininity.
In the past, ‘sexy’ has been a word some women may shy away from. At Harmur, we are all about a ‘sexy’ that is beautiful and feminine, that empowers women, for themselves. We believe that if you look good, you feel good, and vice versa.
The Harmur sexy is not about showing off your cleavage, (not to say we’re about hiding it either). We want our tops to highlight the beautiful feminine figure, nipping in at your smallest parts, the neck and waist, subtly showing some skin in a uniquely beautiful way. They create a mystery and a wow all at the same time.
‘No sexier way to Walk Away’ we say.
We think that if you look and feel great in what you are wearing, not feeling uncomfortable, you can get you can get a real buzz and excitement.
We love the fact that we can look sexy and ladylike, fun and demure. There’s no one way fits all with us, we hope that you wear your Harmur how you want to and feel empowered by doing just that.