The Classic Longline & The Maxi Wrap Skirt Silver Musk

£175 & £305


One of our signature styles, the Classic Longline Top is very similar to it’s sister style The Classic Top, featuring the same tie neck and waist. The flattering gathered bodice features a wider, rounded waist-band allowing for more coverage over the stomach. Tie your waist-band at the back in a stylish bow, or at the front in an elegant knot.

100% Silk Satin
Double Lined

A signature HARMUR style, the Maxi Wrap Skirt features a circular design that moves so beautifully when you walk, dance and sway. The skirt ties at the back of the waist.

100% Heavy Weight Silk
(same light, super soft feel but with more coverage)

The Classic Longline

Fits true to size.
Tie your top at the neck first, then fasten the waist-band. This top sits in the waist with a wider rounded waist-band that sits over the stomach allowing more coverage.

The Maxi Wrap Skirt

Fits true to size.
Place the skirt at the back of the body and then use the button hole to wrap around, fastening at the back. Sits in the waist.

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