The turn of the season…

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It’s that wonderful time of year where blossom is appearing, making your day brighter when you step out in the morning. Blue skies and sunshine are showing more often… at last!
Let’s not get carried away though. It’s not mid-summer quite yet, and there is still a chill in the air.
We love to style our tops with a thin jumper underneath. One of our favourite combinations is the Harmur Criss Cross, with a thin sweater as a base, tied at the front. This way you can nip in the waist and show off the wonderful lace-up back, whilst keeping warm.
We love to find new ways of wearing our tops, so let us know on Instagram how you choose to style yours.
For an evening event in this weather, pair your Classic Harmur with a bold tuxedo look. When you take that jacket off you will be sure to turn heads and have a bit of an edge, whilst remaining sophisticated.
The possibilities are endless! Backless doesn’t have to wait for the sunshine.